Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas, 1942

Summit, New Jersey, Christmas 1942: The "famous Raymond Scott Quintet, featuring Dorothy Collins," performs for a "Holiday Assembly" at the Masonic Hall. Article pasted in a scrapbook along with the original RSVP invitation and four photographs of the dance, in which one can barely discern a band in the distance. The dancers appear to be well-dressed, well-behaved teens; presumably this was a high school event, though no HS is identified.

Two details worth noting:

1) The bottom paragraph references Scott's "Silent Music." This "unrecorded" work has long been part of Scott lore—a "composition" consisting of no notes, a silent performance in which the musicians go through the motions of playing without making any sounds. This was a decade before John Cage's legendary noteless work 4'33", which caused such a ruckus when it was introduced in concert by David Tudor in 1952.

2) The creepy photograph of Scott.

Thanks to Dennis Kelly for the artifact.

Monday, December 08, 2008

He's A Doll!

After two years in development, Japanese artist toy company Presspop Gallery have released their Raymond Scott 100th Anniversary vinyl figurine & CD set.

The deluxe limited edition package features a miniature replica of Scott's Clavivox, his patented 1950s keyboard synthesizer, and a CD featuring rare, unreleased tracks from the Scott Archives. Presspop have produced only a small batch of these unique high-quality sets, so order now (Presspop's Bob Moog figurine sold out quickly). is the exclusive US retailer. In-stock & shipping now.

>>> Order: here

Vinyl figure height: 6" Vinyl Clavivox height: 3"
Figure wears jacket of fabric
CD: 5 tracks (2 Previously Unreleased)
Project Advisor & CD producer/compiler: JEFF WINNER

P.S. Celebration on the Planet Boing.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Ego Trip

Los Angeles based soundtrack musician Ego Plum, who scores the Nickelodeon cartoon series MAKING FIENDS, has slipped a Raymond Scott tribute into an episode.  It's a fake commercial for onions based on Scott's real 1960s commercial for Lightworks brand cosmetics, featuring series creator Amy Winfrey on vocals.  > > > View it: here