Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gotye puts Raymond back on the charts

It's probably been at least half a century since Ray scored a new hit, but thanks to Belgian-born Australian recording artist Gotye, Raymond Scott is back on top of the charts. Kinda. The Gotye song "State Of The Art" features a brief but memorable cameo of Raymond's voice as the track's finale, which was lifted from our Manhattan Research Inc. 2-CD/book compilation. The Gotye album, titled Making Mirrors, reached the Top 10 on the US Billboard 200, is currently the #2 US Rock Album (behind Bruce Springsteen, who holds the top slot at the moment), is the #1 US Alternative Album, and has already achieved global Gold, Platinum, and Triple Platinum sales status. Gotye will be this week's music guest on Saturday Night Live. • UPDATE: Gotye recently gave us this quote:

"Raymond Scott recorded some of the most unique and beguiling electronic sounds. An incessant inventor, designer, tinkerer — he's a big inspiration for me as a producer. His tightly orchestrated preudo-jazz with his Quintette was truly singular too. He was a real musical visionary."