Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quartet San Francisco in NYC

The Quartet San Francisco, whose new CD (Whirled Chamber Music) contains seven Raymond Scott tunes, will perform in New York on Sunday, October 21. They've got an in-store at Barnes & Noble near Lincoln Center at 2 pm, and a 7 pm concert at Christ & St. Stephen's Church (W. 69th St. between Broadway/Columbus). A busy tour schedule follows.

Update (06 DEC 07): Grammy nomination!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Ectoplasm, the forthcoming first CD collection of recordings by Raymond Scott's 1948-49 Quintet, features cover art by the late Jim Flora. The work first publicly appeared in a 1951 issue of Mademoiselle magazine illustrating a story by Robert Lowry entitled "The Mammoth Molar." The origins of the art, however, can be traced farther back to Flora's early 1940s sketchbooks:

Does that mean the Ecto-cover actually depicts Kid Ory?

HT: Jeff Winner