Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unsound Festival in New York City

The Unsound Festival in New York City will feature a screening of the new Raymond Scott documentary, DECONSTRUCTING DAD on April 10th. Director Stan Warnow will attend for Q&A. Update: Irwin Chusid and Wayne Barker will also attend. Details: here

THE NEW YORK TIMES said the festival "claims a shrewdly amorphous domain: a zone in a virtual Europe where electronics, arty, multimedia experiments, chamber-music meticulousness, punk impulses and DJ dance beats may all appear amid clouds of noise. This festival’s aesthetic: high-tech, allusive and not to be pinned down.” 
URB magazine described Unsound as "scene-shifting" and declared that the festival instantly "cemented its status as one of the most important cultural festivities in New York City."

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  1. We go every year in Poland for the Unsound Festival. We hope that the one organized in NY is as amazing as the one in Krakow ;)