Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Mad March" Concerts: Mr McFall’s Chamber

"MAD MARCH: Six new works in two weeks, with a shot of ZAPPA, PIAZZOLLA, BRYARS, and RAYMOND SCOTT to help it all go down."

Described by The Herald as ‘the most important single development on the Scottish music scene,’ Mr McFall’s Chamber are joined in these programs by renowned clarinettist Maximiliano Martín, and jazz musicians Paul Harrison (piano) and Stuart Brown (drums). The concerts features two world premieres from two of the UK’s best-loved jazz composers Tim Garland (Chick Corea band) and Martin Kershaw (Trianglehead, Martin Kershaw Quartet), alongside numbers by ASTOR PIAZZOLLA, RAYMOND SCOTT and others.

Described recently in the Scotsman as ‘the jewel in the Scottish musical crown,’ Mr McFall’s Chamber are musical adventurers, traversing from a base camp in classical music into tango, progressive rock, traditional music, electronics and, on these occasions, jazz. These events brings together the distinct worlds of the string quartet and jazz trio (piano, drums, bass) with clarinet thrown in – an instrument which sits happily in either sound world. Two shows:

March 24th · 8:00pm
The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
100 Renfrew Street
Glasgow, United Kingdom

March 25th · 8:00pm
The Queen's Hall
85-89 Clerk Street
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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