Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Google presents West Point Band concert

As part of their "Musicians@Google" series, Google® hosted a special hour-long multimedia concert of Raymond Scott tunes, performed by The West Point Band's "Quintette 7," in New York City. Watch and listen to the entire show: here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Passport to The Future

Dana Countryman's new biography detailing the life and career of French electronic pop music legend, Jean-Jacques Perrey, includes Perrey's memories of meeting Raymond Scott. Here's an excerpt:
"My sponsor, Carroll Bratman, drove me to the studio of Raymond Scott, the famous bandleader and composer," Jean-Jacques recalls. "I knew he was the man who had composed 'The Toy Trumpet,' and many other famous melodies, so I was very impressed to meet him. He had a huge studio in his home that was filled with his electronic music inventions. It looked more like a scientific laboratory, than a recording studio!"
"I played the Ondioline for Raymond Scott, and immediately he wanted to play it. He was very interested in how it worked. He didn’t offer to buy it right away, so Carroll suggested that we leave it in his studio. 'If you decide you like it, then you can buy it,'" Carroll said.
"Not long after, Mr. Scott called up Carroll, and said, 'Okay, I’ll buy the instrument from you.' But instead, Carroll decided to give the Ondioline to him — for free! The only other time that I remember him giving an Ondioline away, was the time he gave one to Arthur Godfrey."
More memories of Raymond Scott from Perrey: here
 Book details and ordering info: here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Together Festival in Boston

The Together Festival in Boston will host a screening of the new Raymond Scott documentary, DECONSTRUCTING DAD, on Friday, April 22nd at the Berklee College of Music. Professor of Music Synthesis, and former Raymond Scott colleague, Thomas Rhea, Ph.D will attend, speak, and conduct Q&A. Sponsors and partners include Grooveshark®, Ninja TuneLive Nation®, Vitamin Water®, and Red Bull Music Academy®. Details: here. Address of venue for this screening is: 22 The Fenway, Rm F12.
THE NEW YORK TIMES: "Techno has grown up, and so have its fans. David Day, 35, is such a regular that he started his own festival, Together, in Boston. 'I go to these festivals to be with like-minded people who also live and breathe electronic music.'"

Monday, April 11, 2011

Center for the Digital Arts in New York

The new Raymond Scott documentary film, DECONSTRUCTING DAD, will be shown as part of the "Meet the Filmmakers" series at the Center for the Digital Arts in Peekskill, New York on April 19th. This event is open to the public and all enrolled students, but registration is required. Details: here