Friday, March 18, 2011

New (free) organ arrangement of Scott's "In an 18th Century Drawing Room"

Our friend and fellow Scott-ologist Les Deutsch writes:
I have completed a second concert organ arrangement of a Raymond Scott title—"In an 18th Century Drawing Room." (I previously arranged "Powerhouse.") The setting is almost note-for-note accurate to the original Scott recording, including the use of an "organ harp," which is essentially a celesta keyed from the organ console. The organ in my recording is my latest virtual pipe organ design, the "Model 945." The organ is available free to those who already own the Hauptwerk virtual organ software, which is popular in many countries. The arrangement of 18CDR is also available for free to any organist with enough nerve to try it. It is not easy. Both the recording and the sheet music can be found on my web site.

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