Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Raymond Scott Institute of Advanced Musical Education

Jazz trumpeter Charlie Shavers, who played in Scott's 1944 orchestra:
It was a pretty band. It wasn't a swing band and it wasn't a jazz band, it was a good band with a good bunch of guys. Scott was a little eccentric. He'd make a guy stand up and play third alto, all by himself, all the way through. And then he'd say, "Why don't you go take some lessons?" He got on my nerves a little. We'd rehearse and rehearse and rehearse. We didn't need that much rehearsal. I think he just liked to hear the band.
Quoted in The Swing Era: Vintage Years of Humor, Time-Life Records, 1971, Scott profile by Michèle Wood. Photo by Les Deutsch, 2009.

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  1. OK – now I’ve really made the big time – sharing a blog entry with Charlie Shavers – one of my favorite trumpeters. Thanks.