Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Animated By His New Project"

Stu Brown presents his Raymond Scott Project in Glasgow (Friday Feb 13) and Edinburgh (Saturday Feb 14). An article in The Herald provides some background:
A student of electronics by day and a drummer around Glasgow by night, Brown transcribed some of Scott's work for a band he was then playing with and promised himself that he would one day organise a fully-fledged project playing Scott's music, of which, he was discovering, there was rather a lot, and in different styles, too. "The problem with the Quintette is that Scott didn't write stuff down at that time," says Brown. "There's the odd sketch but mostly what he'd do was play his ideas at the piano, get the band to learn the pieces by ear and then record them. The music was never actually written with these instruments in mind and he'd basically cut and paste his ideas into compositions. So I had to transcribe a lot of old recordings and arrange them for the band we now call the Raymond Scott Project."
Watch the band perform "Devil Drums" in London last October.

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