Saturday, February 14, 2009

G-Town Radio Special:
"Getting Ahead of Ourselves"

Hosted by DJ Okay and The Sleepy DJ, the bi-monthly show "Getting Ahead Of Ourselveson G-Town Radio recently dedicated a program to Raymond Scott. Featuring Scott's original recordings and several examples of modern remixes and covers, they also interviewed me (Jeff Winner) for biographical details. Check-out their podcast to hear rare unreleased tracks, featuring Gorillaz, Carl Stalling, Q-Tip, Mr. Melvis, Busta Rhymes, DJPE, Madlib, Soul Coughing, El-P, Messer für Frau Muller, Talib Kweli, Ego Plum, J. Dilla, Jim Henson, and Harry Warnow:


PLAYLIST — Artist / Track Title:

The Raymond Scott Quintette / “Powerhouse”
• Carl Stalling / “Powerhouse”
• Mr. Melvis / “A Walk Through the Powerhouse” [remix of “Powerhouse”]
• The Raymond Scott Quintette / “War Dance For Wooden Indians”
• DJPE / “War Dance” [remix of “War Dance For Wooden Indians”]
• The Raymond Scott Quintette / “The Penguin”
• Soul Coughing / “Disseminated” [samples “The Penguin”]
• The Raymond Scott Quintette / “Bumpy Weather Over Newark”
• Messer für Frau Muller / “Anatomy of Love” [remix of “Bumpy Weather Over Newark”]
• Raymond Scott / “Sleepy Time,” “B.G.E,” “IBM MT/ST,” “Probe,” “Ripples,” “Twilight In Turkey,” “Boy Scout in Switzerland,” “Limbo: The Organized Mind” (narration by Jim Henson), “Space Mystery,” “Bendix: The Tomorrow People,” “Lightworks”
• J. DillaBusta RhymesQ-Tip, Talib Kweli / “Lightworks” [re-remix of “Lightworks”/“Bendix: The Tomorrow People”]
• Madlib / “Electric Company (Voltage-Watts)” [samples various Manhattan Research Inc. tracks]
• El-P / “T.O.J.” [samples various Manhattan Research Inc. tracks]
• Gorillaz / “Man Research (Clapper)” [samples “In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen”]
• Raymond Scott / “The Rhythm Modulator”

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