Monday, June 15, 2009

Twisted Toons

We've been covering the development of Stu Brown's Raymond Scott Project for over a year. The CD is now OUT. Stu has posted some tunes from the album on his website in the Audio section. He'll soon be updating his ƒ@ceb()()k and m¥$på¢e pages. The album can be pre-ordered directly via Stu's site in the Store section, or via the my§p@¢e page.

The striking cover was designed by Ali Whitty, developed from an original idea by Stu, who says: "The old photo album look continues throughout the inside of the sleeve and on the back cover." Stu adds that later this month the album will be available in the US via digital etailers, CD Baby, Amazon and as a special order via record stores.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Square Dance For Eight Egyptian Mummies 2. Devil Drums 3. The Penguin 4. New Year's Eve In A Haunted House 5. The Toy Trumpet 6. Boy Scout In Switzerland 7. Suicide Cliff 8. In an 18th Century Drawing Room 9. Moment Musical 10. Powerhouse 11. Egyptian Barn Dance 12. Hypnotist In Hawaii 13. Dinner Music For Pack of Hungry Cannibals 14. At an Arabian House Party 15. Tobacco Auctioneer 16. Twilight In Turkey 17. War Dance For Wooden Indians 18. The Bass-Line Generator 19. Toy Typewriter

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  1. Stu Brown's new TWISTED TUNES collection showcases accurate & energetic recreations of Raymond Scott's original 1930s Quintette. Also included are two unique arrangements of electronic pieces by Scott. "Toy Typewriter" is a cover of a track from SOOTHING SOUNDS FOR BABY, Volume 2. And "The Bass-Line Generator" has been reimagined for clarinet & 6 saxophones!