Monday, March 23, 2009

PART TWO: The Case of the Multiple Raymond Scotts

Raymond Scott had a wild imagination, yet the man born Harry Warnow chose a banal pseudonym. A Google search reveals plenty of Raymond Scotts who are not our Raymond Scott. Here's part two of a continuing series (intro & part one here):
Raymond Scott: THE POP SINGER
"This fresh, multi-talented dreamboy is the next international singing and performing sensation," according to this Raymond Scott's MySpace. You're probably assuming young Ray is just another vapid, prefab ATM for the music industry, but don't be cynical: "This sunnyboy with the golden voice is not a quick manufactured Popstar product, but a well-defined, versatile artist dedicating himself to music projects that speak to his fans." One project indicates boy Ray has something in common with man Ray: both were world-music pioneers. The kid's upcoming "hit single 'Black Widow' is a freshy new tune, combining a trendy blend of Scandinavian pop sounds with a strong American black beat. He calls it Europe meets America!" Check out more photos of dreamboy.


  1. We, the readers of this blogs, are waiting for that you to make a features on our hero of music, the funboy hitsinger born Ramond Scott who changed the name to Harry Warnose. He is at ourspace page. Thank very you much.