Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mini Mountain Queen

The Bran Flakes are a couple of sample-happy plunderphonic pirates who throw forgotten '50s kiddie vinyl, Bachelor Pad bridges, mariachi LPs, and homemade electrobeats into the audio blender and hit "puree." Their slice'n'dice sonics come out sounding like a Saturday morning TV soundtrack for today's juvenile genius-nerds destined to shape the technology of 2029.

TBF's new CD, I Have Hands (Illegal Art), is laced with RIAA-baiting sonic re-appropriation. However, it contains at least two works they were granted permission to re-invent: Raymond Scott's electronic "In the Hall of the Mountain Queen" and "Melon Ball Bounce" (from Manhattan Research Inc.), out of which the Flakes fashioned a track entitled "Mini Mountain Queen." Give a listen.

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