Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kicks or Treats?

One of my favorite bands of all-time, MONKS OF DOOM, was a weird, hybrid, progressive/metallish group derived from an equally weird band called CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN. The first Monks album dates from 1986, but check out this live reunion video from 2005 at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, with evidence of a medley/jam riffing on a Raymond Scott classic, "Powerhouse" — download the video: here

P.S. The Monks were including this cover in their live sets years before Irwin or I knew who Scott was.


  1. Never heard the Monks before today. They sound great. Makes me feel like I'm back in college, listening to Camper Van.

    -- Dave Klein

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  3. Hi Mr. Klein: If you'd like to hear more MONKS OF DOOM music, I would suggest starting with their album, MERIDIAN, followed by THE COSMODEMONIC TELEGRAPH COMPANY, & then maybe FORGERY, or BREAKFAST ON THE BEACH OF DECEPTION. I haven't heard their newest one, WHAT'S LEFT FOR KICKS? in it's entirety yet, but I do know its all covers, & is probably worth listening to.