Monday, October 27, 2008

"Are they singing too?"

Scott composed "Desire" — a "descriptive fantasy for orchestra" — to accompany a dance routine by Lilly Christine in legendary producer Michael Todd's lascivious Broadway production Peep Show. The staging opened at New York's Winter Garden Theatre on June 28, 1950 and closed February 24, 1951 after 278 performances.

"In the days when a burlesque show only cost the customer 40 cents," mused reviewer Inez Robb's droll husband after accompanying his wife to a performance, "such a display would have been vulgar, lewd and nihil ad rem. But today, when Mr. Todd collects $7.20 for each and every orchestra seat, it is art and let that be a lesson to you."

The Scott brain trust (six or seven of us) have yet to discover a recording of this work. If you have one, join the trust.

Thanks to Takashi Okada for the scan.


  1. This is a great photo of Lily Christine. Does anyone know if Raymond Scott would own the rights to the image, or if it would be public domain?

  2. We don't own the rights. Don't know who does. If you want to re-post it on the web, I doubt anyone would challenge.