Friday, June 06, 2008

The Concordia Raymond Scott Quintette

The Concordia Raymond Scott Quintette was formed in late '07 for a cross-genre Scott Centennial Tribute Concert at Concordia University on March 12, 2008. Following the concert's success, the CRSQ decided to continue performing Scott's work during the centennial. The CRSQ recreates the repertoire of the Raymond Scott Quintette of the 30's and 40's with careful attention to authenticity. Their set features vintage instruments and costumes, and their repertoire includes both well-known Scott titles and a few obscurities. In fact, at the March event they debuted a sextet composition, "Tenor Man's Headache" (watch video), for which hand-written sheet music was discovered in the Scott archives. There is no indication that this work had ever been performed by any Scott band.

The CRSQ is booked for the 2008 Montreal Jazz Festival on the evening of Saturday, July 5. Pictured above: Adam O'Callaghan (leader, tenor sax); Laurent Menard (trumpet); Pierre-Andre Theriault (clarinet); Leah McKeil and Chris Tauchner (piano); Ryan Fleury (bass); and Zoli Filotas (drums).

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  1. Yeah, many people think that Raymond Scott is the one who wrote scores for Bugs Bunny. But actually he is not. He also never wrote a note for cartoons. However, i really enjoy the music they perform for some cartoons, but Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes are my most favorite one.