Saturday, September 08, 2007

Puff daddy

Last year, Steve Cloutier directed a short film, The Chimney, about a nicotine addict. It is NOT an anti-smoking jeremiad—it's a humorous take on a popular vice that millions of people find pleasurable. The film also involves bicycles—which have caused countless unnecessary deaths over the last century.

For his frantic soundtrack, Steve used the Raymond Scott Quintette's classic 1937 recording of "Powerhouse."

Steve dropped us a note: "I've just re-posted the movie because I was never satisfied with the quality of the original post. I was able to improve it a bit."


  1. Finally someone recognizes The Chimney for what it is... an anti-bicycle film.

  2. They're a health hazard -- particularly for little children! As a lad I was injured by second-hand cycling. Those dangerous devices should be outlawed!

  3. I was thinking of starting a chapter of B.A.D.D. (Bicycles Are Dangerous Devices), but found out that there is already a: Bikers Against Drunk Drivers, Boaters Against Drunk Drivers and Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons(!). I'd say that acronym is used up.