Monday, September 03, 2007

Neal Pollack on Raymond Scott

Writer and "alternadad" Neal Pollack on "Raymond Scott's Loony Tunes" at eMusic Spotlight:

"When you listen to Microphone Music, it's like Daffy Duck is burrowing a tunnel into your mind. Each song contains a perfectly calibrated mix of the whimsy and anarchy that forms the philosophical basis for every great cartoon since the genre's golden age. Scott's compositions are at once fantastical and very cool. The protagonist may be falling off a tall ladder or running from a dog at the moment, the songs say, but soon enough, he'll be taking a nice hot bath or shuffling off into the sunset in the company of a lady rabbit with long eyelashes and plenty of lipstick. The music is fun, trippy, and wholly original. Long may the six-piece Quintette reign."

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  1. Ew! Neal is naked! Vaguely homoerotic.