Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A mixed-up, mashed-up composer

Coming from the Basta label in February 2014.

We turned over the entire Raymond Scott catalog ...

... to three celebrated mixologists who work under group names: The Bran Flakes, The Evolution Control Committee, and Go Home Productions.

They were given hundreds of recordings owned by the Scott estate, in all genres, including unreleased material, spanning the mid-1930s to the mid-1980s. Jazz, orchestral, electronic, experimental, studio chatter, one-of-a-kind rarities.

These gents were invited to have fun, keep it rhythmic, and make it percolate. Each contributed six audio montages with new titles, and they collaborated on Scott's signature tune, "Powerhouse."

The project is titled RAYMOND SCOTT REWIRED.

It's finished. Mixed, mastered, designed, packaged, and manufactured. You can preview three tracks on Soundcloud. Official release date is February 18.

Note: This post was originally published in May 2013. However, the US release was postponed due to a change of distributor for this release. 


  1. OWWWWW! I just had to pinch myself. Not literal red pinch marks but imaginary ones are popping up left and right now. Containing excitement. Thank you all!!

  2. Hmmm, can't seem to find any info on this album at Basta or anywhere else, and supposedly it was released 20 days ago? Was there a delay?

  3. Tim: The release was delayed until January or February 2014. We will blog about it again when the album is available.

  4. Thanks, Irwin! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the tracks after listening to the three posted online.