Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RS Orchestrette/Ghost Train Orchestra concert videos

If you missed the Raymond Scott Orchestrette/Ghost Train Orchestra double bill at Subculture on October 26, we have video with decent audio thanks to Mike Nogami, a well-known Japanese photographer who sat near the stage. Our mutual friend, Takashi Okada, has posted 14 clips (seven of each band) on YouTube for your enjoyment. (Links below by title.) Not captured was GTO's grand finale, a spectacular nine-minute-plus arrangement of Scott's "Celebration on the Planet Mars," which closes the band's new album, Book of Rhapsodies. Incidentally, the respective RSO and GTO drummers look remarkably similar. They are, in fact, one and the same: GTO's Rob Garcia filled for the RSO's Clem Waldmann, who had a prior commitment.

The Raymond Scott Orchestrette
(all titles by Raymond Scott)

The Ghost Train Orchestra
(all arrangements by Brian Carpenter)

Charlie's Prelude (Louis Singer)
Beethoven Riffs On (Louis Singer)
Volcanic (Reginald Foresythe)
Dawn on the Desert (Charlie Shavers)
It's Silk, Feel It! (Alec Wilder)
At An Arabian House Party  (Raymond Scott)

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