Tuesday, February 05, 2013

New Deluxe 2-CD Box Set from Japan

The new 2-CD set titled "SONGBOOK" from Daisyworld in Japan includes previously unreleased vintage recordings, with a second disc of new covers by BenoĆ®t Charest featuring Kid KoalaOptiganally Yours, Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana CountrymanEgo Plum, Mint-Lee & many more. The deluxe box-set package designed & produced by Takashi Okada comes with a 100-page book packed with photos & info, replica reprints of classic sheet music, posters, and ephemera, and is housed in a retro-inspired 7-inch tape-reel box. ORDER here, and please note: prices include shipping from Japan for this unique collectors item.
Click image above for larger view


  1. Looks like a lovely set, but wow... $70!

  2. It's a business expense, Bohus. Buy it, deduct it.