Monday, June 06, 2011

White (Brain)Wash Concerts in Norway

MeaNensemble presents:
"Don't Beat your wife (every night)"
White (Brain) Wash in concert
A Tribute To Raymond Scott &
the Perfect World of Commercials

Bubbly and crazy cartoon music in the best Bugs Bunny-style, mixed with absurd advertising fantasies from 60 Years in the United States ... This is the MeaNensemble, a 9-man's All Star Band in this concert version of the critically acclaimed show "White (Brain) Wash" as was played on stages all over Norway and was set-up in three weeks at the Kaleidoscope Theatre in Copenhagen: 
"A sparkling witty, visually and musically superb virtuoso performance at the European level!"

Friday June 10th and Saturday 11th will be the exclusive prepremiere for Liland and Narvik before tour starting this fall. Then there will be visits to both festivals and live recording in Studio Store in Bodø. 
More info: here

There is no open ticket sales, but to reserve a place to experience the spectacular ensemble mean, you can contact by phone 95 92 77 91 or email:

Friday at 8:00pm — Liland brygge
Saturday at 7:00pm — Mørkholla, Narvik kulturhus


  1. Are they performing ONLY Raymond Scott commercial compositions? (I'm asking o/b/o the tens of thousands of readers of this blog.)

  2. They're not all of an advertising/commercial nature, but some (*) are. Here's the setlist:

    * Don't beat your wife every night (intro)


    Twilight in Turkey (electronic version)

    Twillight in Turkey

    * Vim

    The Penguin


    * K2r

    In an 18th century drawing room

    * Good air

    Dinner music for a pack of hungry cannibals

    Hucleberry duck

    * County Fair

    Oil gusher

    * Hostess: Twinkies

    * Lightworks

    The girl at the typewriter

    * Society national march

    War dance for wooden indians

    * Vicks: Formula 44

    New years eve in a haunted house

    * Bendix 2: The tomorrow people