Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't Knock The Rock

The new Raymond Scott documentary, DECONSTRUCTING DAD, will be screened on August 5 at the DON’T KNOCK THE ROCK film & music festival in Los Angeles. The fest was founded by director Allison Anders (Sex and the City), produced in association with Cinefamily, and the venue is the historic Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax Ave.

The screening will be followed by historian/author Jerry Beck's "Secret Animated History of Raymond Scott," a chronicle of Scott's work as adapted in Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies, The Ren & Stimpy Show, Animaniacs, and The Simpsons.

Deconstructing Dad's director, Stan Warnow, will attend, Raymond Scott's widow, Mitzi also plans to be there, and guitarist Skip Heller will spin Scott tunes before and after the show. 

P.S. From the new issue of: the LA WEEKLY.

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  1. Email from Stan Warnow:

    Just a quick report to all as it's late but it was a great screening, absolute full house, they brought in additional seating in folding chairs and still had to turn about 20 people away. They said it was the biggest crowd ever for their festival. There was a 70% or so standing ovation at the end.