Saturday, May 08, 2010

Electronium Restoration

Although Raymond Scott designed and built several versions of his automatic composing-performing machine, The Electronium, the only surviving model was one commissioned by Berry Gordy for Motown. Following Scott's death in 1994, the non-functioning instrument was purchased by Mark Mothersbaugh, who promised to restore it. That resurrection is now being attempted by engineer Darren Davison


  1. This is very exciting.

    Was there any documentation left by Scott?

  2. Hi Lain:

    Yes, hundreds of RS's schematics, wiring & circuit diagrams, patent disclosures, etc. survive. But even with those documents, this project will be a long & difficult challenge.

  3. I can only imaging how difficult this will be but at least there is something of a paper trail even if it is a puzzle itself.

    Look forward to posts on the progress. Upon completion I hope there is an Electronium party.

  4. I am very much pleased to see that the long promised Restoration of the Electronium is finally undertaken.

    I can only hope that such knowledgeable technicians as are best suited to this undertaking are involved.

    Hopefully some particularities of the auto-composition and synthesis functions of the Electronium, which are at present secrets; will be revealed.

    Be kind to Her Gentlemen; She is the Crown Jewel of Early American Polyphonic Synthesis, and if to be laid to rest deserves no less than a place of honor and dignity at the Smithsonium.

    All My best to Mark and Everyone involved in this exciting Project.


    Throxx Of Vron

  5. I'm wondering if the instrument has been restored? Like you, I'm also a fan of Raymond Scott's music and it's sad to see it die with him.

  6. Hi Gabrielle:

    No, it has not been restored yet, but they're trying...