Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sage Jazz Festival

Stu Brown's Raymond Scott Project plays the Sage Jazz Fest in Gateshead, England, on March 28. Filmmaker Stan Warnow will appear as a special guest, presenting a preview of his documentary, Deconstructing Dad. The Brown band's set-list includes intriguing new arrangements of the following RS compositions:

  • "Wheels That Go" — a Jazz version with wind synthesizer
  • "When Will It End?" — Drum & Bass style
  • "Celebration On The Planet Mars" — in Klezmer style
  • "Portofino" — re-imagined in 1930s style
  • "Lightworks" — as a Latin/Hip-Hop/Tango mish-mash
  • "The Penguin" — in The Meters meets Miles Davis style

>>> Tickets & info: here

>>> And a review: here ("Stu Brown's Raymond Scott Project was a mini-festival in itself.")

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