Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dubby Sounds for Baby

Boston-based musician/producer DJ Flack (aka Antony Flackett), who is the father of young twins, has released DUBBY SOUNDS FOR BABY. The mix mashes tracks from Trigga, Mouse On Mars, & music from Raymond Scott's original SOOTHING SOUNDS FOR BABY records.
>> Listen: here


  1. Hello, Thanks so much for linking to my mix. Raymond Scott is the man! I was in an art punk band named after Soothing Sounds For Baby from 1985-1998 ( Our music was very different, and not very soothing as you can imagine, but I'd like to think that Raymond would have appreciated our spirit of experimentation (lord knows not too many other people did)

    Now I am a DJ, electronic musician, and a teacher at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I make sure to tell everyone in my electronic music class about what a forward thinking genius he was (both as a composer in his earlier band work and as an electronic music pioneer)

    Take care

    - Antony (aka DJ Flack)

  2. oh, in regards to how we got our name... my parents bought that record to play to my sister when she was a baby for purely practical reasons - it didn't work that well on her but my band mates and I started listening to it when we were kids and became obsessed with it.

  3. Hey Tony,

    Nice to see you on the Scott blog! The first time I heard Soothing Sounds for Baby was when I was living in Boston and playing music with you and all the guys from Toneburst. I found it in that little record store next to Harvard Square. I presume you know I've also been doing a lot of Scott music over the last couple of years:

    Looking forward to hearing your new release!