Friday, June 22, 2018

Happy Accident

In 1968 my father, Raymond Scott, spoke at length with a young man named Art Shifrin for his WNYC radio program, "Antiquity on Tape." 

Art had spent many days and nights unofficially apprenticing with RS at his 3 Willow Park studio on Long Island. My father loved to assume the role of teacher, and it's apparent from their dialogue that he and Art had developed a comfortable working rapport. 

During this interview, RS talked about the creative environment that electronic music could help to foster. 

I'm always interested in hearing my father's perspectives on music and machines. Here's one small window into Raymond Scott's thinkingand the source of his "happy accident" quote.

"I've always been looking for the happy musical accident, for the things that happen unexpectedly, for the things that happen because of error, because of misunderstandings. 

"What electronic equipment has made possible is to arrange for misunderstandings at will... (for) all the pieces of gear to have continuous misunderstandings.  And that is one of the principles upon which I'm working... 

"I feel lucky that electronic music offers an environment suitable for the creation of new things."

Listen to conversations with Raymond Scott at ScottWorks: The Raymond Scott Festival on September 8, 2018 in Los Angeles.

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