Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eddie Costa

... died in an automobile accident in New York on this day in 1962, age 32. At a relatively young age, Costa had been a well-traveled and -hired session vibraphonist and pianist, racking up countless prestigious credits in the jazz world. He also led and recorded with his own ensembles. Costa recorded at least twice for Raymond Scott: on the Secret 7 album The Unexpected (1960), and on the Scott-produced Miss Gloria Lynne (1958, which featured many of the same legendary session vets later to appear on S7*). Item from the Morning Herald, Uniontown PA, August 7, 1962:
Over 100 names from the music world attended Wednesday's funeral service for Eddie Costa, young vibraphonist-pianist who died last weekend in an auto accident. Raymond Scott told the widow, Jean, he would never again use vibes in any of his recording dates because Eddie "cut everybody."
While the sentiments expressed by Scott were noble and no doubt sincere, his commitment was facilitated by the fact that by 1962, Scott rarely worked with musicians. His musical collaborators at that point were amalgams of circuitry and solenoids. Thanks to Fernando Ortiz de Urbina for the news clipping. * Historical footnote: both albums also featured liner notes by Nat Hentoff.

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